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In the heart of Tepoztlán, between mountains and valleys, exists a secret place that awaits those who long to escape the deafening noise of modern life and find a refuge where serenity becomes a faithful companion.

In the deepest realms of Amomoxtli's creators' imagination, a dream was
conceived: to create 37 havens of charm, where every detail comes to life to
envelop guests in an unparalleled experience of comfort and hospitality. 

The pool with the most spectacular view of the majestic Tepozteco mountain.
Its crystal-clear, heated waters whisper ancient secrets while inviting guests to immerse themselves in an embrace of relaxation. The Amomoxtli
spa unveils itself as an oasis, combining ancient rituals with the comfort of
modernity. Here, each treatment is a journey for the body and soul, a reunion
with the very essence of life.


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