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JAC eSEI4 Cargador by IRIS Concept Media

JAC Mexico: Pure Electric


JAC, one of the most trusted and reliable Chinese car brands, decided to bring a full line up of electric cars to the Mexican market. 


Creative Concept

Storytelling Campaign


Video Production

Music Scoring

Industrial Design


Create an identity and creative concept to introduce a full line up of electric cars. 

Position JAC as one of the leaders in the electric automotive market in Mexico.


An integrated marketing campaign that captivated audiences and media channels around the country.

We produced  media and marketing materials for all channels, as well as design and production of physical elements for display at JAC dealerships in the country.


JAC decided to take a big step in the automotive industry in the country, which is why this campaign had to cause a strong impact on the audience.

For this campaign, we started with a sense of mystery with a set of videos and images prior to an event that would reveal the big announcement. The main idea was the story of a woman, who transitioned from fire to electricity.

The whole concept behind this maintained consistency at all stages, from teasers to the big reveal. 


JAC currently holds the #1 spot in EV sales in Mexico.

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